aspexplorer (aspexplorer) wrote,

Great song

Belial, Behemoth, Beelzebub
Asmodeus, Satanas, Lucifer

Since dawn of time the fate of man is that of lice
Equal as parasites and moving without eyes
A day of reckoning when penance is to burn
Let's look at a dictionnary for the meaning of "penance"

Hail Satan, Archangelo
Hail Satan, Welcome year zero
Hail Satan, Leonardo
Hail Satan, Welcome year zero

Benial, Grelzeboth, Benchetrit
Satanus, Bananas, Yog Sothoth

Crestfallen kings and queens comforting in their faith
Unbeknownst... what da fuck is that even english ?
Since fate of man is equal to the fate of lice
As new dawn rises you shalt recognize now behold the Lord of Flies

Hail Satan, Donatello
Hail Satan, Welcome year zero
Hail Satan, Raphael
Hail Satan, Welcome year zero

He will tremble the nations
Kingdoms to fall one by one
A victim to fall for temptations
A daughter to fall for a son
Seriously wtf I'm singing ?
To masses standing in awe
He will ascend to the heavens
Above the stars of God

Hail Satan... don't know, Shredder ?
Hail Satan, welcome year zero
Hail Satan, the old rat, also...
Hail Satan, welcome year zero
Tags: textes divers

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