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Tout va très bien, Madame la Marquise

Rick and Willie,

You guys are doing a fantastic job staying on the timeline and accomplishing great science. Keep up the good work and let us know if there is anything that we can do better from an MCC/POCC standpoint.

There is one item that I would like to make you aware of for the upcoming PAO event on Blue FD 10 and for future PAO events later in the mission. This item is not even worth mentioning other than wanting to make sure that you are not surprised by it in a question from a reporter.

During ascent at approximately 80 seconds, photo analysis shows that some debris from the area of the -Y ET Bipod Attach Point came loose and subsequently impacted the orbiter left wing, in the area of transition from Chine to Main Wing, creating a shower of smaller particles. The impact appears to be totally on the lower surface and no particles are seen to traverse over the upper surface of the wing. Experts have reviewed the high speed photography and there is no concern for RCC or tile damage. We have seen this same phenomenon on several other flights and there is absolutely no concern for entry.

That is all for now. It's a pleasure working with you every day.

Cet email rassurant a été envoyé par le contrôle au sol de la NASA à Rick Husband et William McCool, commandant et pilote de STS-107, durant le vol.

Un conseil : si vous recevez un mail de ce genre, vérifiez deux fois par vous-même l'étendue de la couille.

J'ai eu connaissance de ce mail rigolo par devers la vidéo de Curious Droid d'hier.

Il existe un sous-ensemble borné de cardinalité n=5 de l'espace des métalleux
noté "Bring Me The Horizon" qui a émis hier une suite finie de notes. Cette suite
est non-strictement disjointe de n'ensemble B des morceaux de Babymetal.
Tags: belles histoires

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